{ "paginationInfo": { "numberOfItemsPerPage": "12", "pageNumber": "4", "pages": "4" }, "contentInfo": [ { "image": { "src": "http://images.businessday.com.au/2018/03/03/8539305/TheresaMayVD-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "Theresa May, U.K. prime minister, gestures as she delivers a speech on Brexit at Mansion House in London, U.K., on Friday, March 2, 2018. The U.K. prime minister is under pressure to meld together competing visions of Brexit, and in a telling detail that highlights her political weakness, May asked ministers to allow her to make last-minute changes to the text. Photographer: Chris J. Ratcliffe/Bloomberg" }, "asset": { "headline": "Theresa May outlines her Brexit vision", "id": "8539304", "url": "http://media.businessday.com.au/news/world-news/theresa-may-outlines-her-brexit-vision-8539304.html", "time": "01:59" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.businessday.com.au/2018/03/02/8538505/VD_ig-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "AUD/USD trades year-to-date lows (Video Thumbnail)" }, "asset": { "headline": "AUD/USD trades year-to-date lows", "id": "8538504", "url": "http://media.businessday.com.au/business/businessday/audusd-trades-yeartodate-lows-8538504.html", "time": "03:43" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.businessday.com.au/2018/03/02/8538006/vd-houses-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "An advertisement for an apartment unit stands on display in front of a residential property in Sydney, Australia, on Thursday, Aug. 11, 2016." }, "asset": { "headline": "Property values for February", "id": "8538005", "url": "http://media.businessday.com.au/business/businessday/property-values-for-february-8538005.html", "time": "02:26" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.businessday.com.au/2018/03/02/8537475/1_TrumpVD-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "President Donald Trump speaks during a meeting with steel and aluminum executives in the Cabinet Room of the White House, Thursday, March 1, 2018, in Washington. From left, Beth Ludwig of AK Steel, Roger Newport of AK Steel, John Ferriola of Nucor, Trump, and Dave Burritt of U.S. Steel Corporation. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)" }, "asset": { "headline": "Trump: US to impose tariffs on steel, aluminium", "id": "8537474", "url": "http://media.businessday.com.au/news/world-news/trump-us-to-impose-tariffs-on-steel-aluminium-8537474.html", "time": "01:03" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.businessday.com.au/2018/03/01/8536091/VD-Dicks_Rifle_Sales_ILNH103-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "A Dick's Sporting Goods store is seen in Arlington Heights, Ill., Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2018. Dick's Sporting Goods announced Wednesday that it will immediately end sales of assault-style rifles and high capacity magazines at all of its stores and ban the sale of all guns to anyone under 21. Dick's had cut off sales of assault-style weapons at Dick's stores following the Sandy Hook school shooting. But Dick's owns dozens of its Field %26 Stream stores, where there has been no such ban in place. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)" }, "asset": { "headline": "Dick's Sporting Goods curbs gun sales", "id": "8536090", "url": "http://media.businessday.com.au/news/world-news/dicks-sporting-goods-curbs-gun-sales-8536090.html", "time": "01:27" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.businessday.com.au/2018/02/28/8534551/VD_Takata-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "In this May 4, 2016, photo, shadows are cast near a Takata Corp.'s reception desk at the automaker's showroom in Tokyo. Another person has died in Malaysia after a faulty Takata airbag inflator exploded when the Honda it was installed in crashed, raising the known death toll linked to the defect in the Southeast Asian country to six. The driver was killed when the 2004 Honda City car crashed on New Year's Day in central Selangor state, Honda Malaysia said Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018 in a statement. (AP Photo/Shizuo Kambayashi)" }, "asset": { "headline": "Potentially deadly airbags recalled", "id": "8534550", "url": "http://media.businessday.com.au/news/national-news/potentially-deadly-airbags-recalled-8534550.html", "time": "01:42" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.businessday.com.au/2018/02/28/8534543/VD_Sky_Comcast-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "Comcast enters race for Sky TV (Video Thumbnail)" }, "asset": { "headline": "Comcast enters race for Sky TV", "id": "8534542", "url": "http://media.businessday.com.au/business/businessday/comcast-enters-race-for-sky-tv-8534542.html", "time": "01:49" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.businessday.com.au/2018/02/27/8533334/vd-Huawei-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "The Huawei phone that can drive a car (Video Thumbnail)" }, "asset": { "headline": "This Huawei phone can drive a Porsche", "id": "8533333", "url": "http://media.businessday.com.au/technology/tech-talk/this-huawei-phone-can-drive-a-porsche-8533333.html", "time": "01:38" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.businessday.com.au/2018/02/27/8533328/vd-Weinstein-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "The board of directors of The Weinstein Company said late Sunday the New York film and TV studio planned to file for bankruptcy after talks to sell it collapsed, several media outlets reported. Havovi Cooper reports." }, "asset": { "headline": "The Weinstein Company to file for bankruptcy", "id": "8533327", "url": "http://media.businessday.com.au/business/businessday/the-weinstein-company-to-file-for-bankruptcy-8533327.html", "time": "01:25" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.businessday.com.au/2018/02/27/8533306/vd-nissan-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "Members of the media take photographs of a Nissan Motor Co. Leaf electric operated by the \"Easy Ride\" robot taxi service, a joint development between Nissan and DeNA Co., during a demonstration in Yokohama, Japan, on Friday, Feb. 23, 2018. The service, which allows the public to use a smartphone app to book 15-minute rides, is scheduled to launch on March 5 for two weeks in Yokohama. Photographer: Kiyoshi Ota/Bloomberg" }, "asset": { "headline": "Nissan launches into self-driving market", "id": "8533305", "url": "http://media.businessday.com.au/technology/tech-talk/nissan-launches-into-selfdriving-market-8533305.html", "time": "01:03" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.businessday.com.au/2018/02/24/8530255/China_AnbangVD-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "Chinese and corporate flags fly in front of the offices of the Anbang Insurance Group in Beijing, Friday, Feb. 23, 2018. The founder of one of China's biggest insurers, who had discussed possibly investing in a Manhattan skyscraper owned by the family of U.S. President Donald Trump's son-in-law and adviser, will be prosecuted for financial offenses and regulators have taken control of his company, the government announced Friday. (AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein)" }, "asset": { "headline": "China seizes control of Anbang", "id": "8530254", "url": "http://media.businessday.com.au/news/world-news/china-seizes-control-of-anbang-8530254.html", "time": "01:45" } } , { "image": { "src": "http://images.businessday.com.au/2018/02/23/8529399/IG160-92x52.jpg", "width": "92", "height": "52", "alt": "Will Fed Chair Powell lay the foundations for four rate hikes in 2018? (Video Thumbnail)" }, "asset": { "headline": "Could there be four rate hikes in 2018?", "id": "8529398", "url": "http://media.businessday.com.au/business/businessday/could-there-be-four-rate-hikes-in-2018-8529398.html", "time": "04:35" } } ] }